Our Services

Midwifery Care

We believe that welcoming a baby into the world does not need to be treated as an illness. For many, it can be done in the comfort of your home. We provide complete pregnancy and birth care for you and your baby including:

  • Prenatal care

    • 1-hour visits include checking vitals of mom and baby, discussing changes, supporting mom in any way needed

    • Access to our knowledge base of information regarding pregnancy and birth

  • Birth attendance in your home and clean up

    • including water births

    • we bring all supplies a birth center would have 

  • Lab work  

  • Postpartum visits

    • checking up on mom & baby (and family)

  • Breastfeeding support and newborn care instruction

Doula Support

Giving birth is an incredible occasion filled with many emotions. A doula will be by your side, offering constant support and providing the following services:

  • Prenatal Care

    • Visits where together we create a birth plan

    • Access to our knowledge base of information regarding pregnancy

      • including books, websites, groups, and organizations, etc.

  • Labor and Delivery

    • Continuous support during labor at your home and/or place of birth

  • Postpartum

    • Assistance with breastfeeding

    • Postpartum visits

Placenta Services

Did you know...

Consuming your placenta postpartum can increase your mood, energy, and your milk production. It can also help to restore your iron levels.

  • Encapsulation

    • Raw

    • Traditional Chinese (TCM) Method

    • Tincture

  • Smoothies ​

Well Woman Care

Our holistic, well-rounded form of care for women is designed to help you find your optimal health. We look at the whole picture- your mind, body, and spirit.  

  • Pap Tests

  • Breast Exams

  • Pelvic Exams

  • Contraception Advice

  • Pre and Post Menopausal needs

  • Fertility Support


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