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Our Birth Center in Napa

The Napa Valley Birth Center (NVBC) offers a safe, natural alternative to a typical hospital experience.  While our birth center in Napa is medically equipped and staffed by medically trained and licensed caregivers, it remains committed to minimal intervention in pregnancy and childbirth.  Think of it as a home-birth experience - but away from home.  Have a look!

At NVBC, we understand pregnancy and childbirth to be a natural biological process, not a medical condition.  For the vast majority of pregnancies (at least 80% according to world health advisories), medical intervention is not necessary.  But when rare complications do occur, we are less than 4 minutes from Queen of the Valley emergency room and expert medical care.

Again, our intention is to provide you with a beautiful home-like experience.  While we emphasize cleanliness, we are not a sterile, clinical environment.  While we are equipped with the medical supplies necessary for minimally-invasive perinatal care, we are not a medical facility.  You can expect a homelike environment with many of the comforts (and perhaps some of the flaws :-) of your own home.

NVBC is staffed and operated by The Midwives Childbirth Services and their licensed and highly experienced midwives. The services we offer span all stages of pregnancy from prenatal to childbirth to postpartum care.  For a more detailed description of those services, tap here.

And if you would like to learn more about NVBC, or to take a tour in person, contact us for a free consultation with a licensed midwife.  We can't wait to meet you!


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