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Our Blog:  An Invitation to Learn More

Still have questions?  Not sure whether natural birth is right for you?

We have dedicated an entire new website at to answer the five questions we hear most often from mamas who are exploring natural childbirth.  These questions are:

  1. What are the advantages of a natural birth?  How does it differ from a typical hospital birth?
  2. How much does a natural birth cost?  Does insurance cover it?  How can I pay for it?
  3. Does a natural birth hurt more than a hospital birth?  How can I manage without pain medication?
  4. How does a midwife compare to a doula compare to an OB / GYN?  Who should I have on my natural birth support team?  
  5. What is the single most important thing I can do to prepare for a natural birth, regardless of the care setting I choose?

Have a look!  If you decide you would like to contact us after reading through our blog, you will be able to do so directly from that site.

Please enjoy Natural Birth Midwife.  We hope to meet you soon!

- Paula Grady LM, CPM - and the entire Midwives team