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Offering Free Standing Birth Centers In Napa and Santa Rosa

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Our Commitment To You

We know that when women are given a calm, peaceful space and encouragement to trust their bodies, they emerge from the process more self-assured and empowered. 

Giving birth at one of our comfortable and well-appointed birth centers, under the care of a licensed midwife, is a safe alternative to a hospital birth and a wonderful way to reduce unnecessary intervention in this sacred process.

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Our Support For You

We offer a wide range of care from multiple methods and traditions. We will offer any and all testing that would be offered to you if you were seeing an obstetrician. 

We offer a full spectrum of pre-natal, childbirth and postpartum care drawing from multiple methods and traditions. We will offer any and all testing that would be offered to you if you were seeing an obstetrician.

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Napa Valley
Birth Center

We offer Napa Valley’s first and only free-standing birth center. More comfortable than a hospital. More private than birth at home.

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Santa Rosa 
Birth Center

We’ve created a beautiful relaxing environment that's perfect for your regular prenatal visits, labor and birth. We get a lot of feedback on how warm and inviting our space is, and that’s how we want it!

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Birth Is Joyous

Words from our Mamas

"I cannot express enough how thankful I was to have such amazing support and knowledge from Paula and the team at both my son’s and daughter’s home birth… We love her so!"

- S. Thoits

"An amazing group of loving, knowledgeable, skilled women who supported me in having the most peaceful, empowering and magical home birth..."

A. Koford

"Fawn and team are the absolute best you could ask for! I decided on a home birth for my third baby. I had scheduled several interviews for midwives, but I cancelled all of them after I met Fawn ..."

- Lauren A.

"Best midwives and Team ever!!! I would recommend this Team to any expecting mommy!"

- Angela L.

"I thank God for finding Paula and her team who did a fantastic job on my childbirth. That was one of the most incredible experience we ever had in life for having a home birth so we could see how perfect God is in thy works..."

-Peter, Luciana, Oliver and Amy

"5 stars isn’t enough. The Galaxy is deserved here. Paula & her wonderful, beautiful team brought to me the most wonderful birthing experience I could have ever prayed or hoped for. Exceeded my expectations beyond what I imagined my birthing experience to be. & it didn't stop there. Paula did everything she could to make me feel comfortable every single time I was in her care..."

-Hope D.

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