Senior Midwife, Paula Schnebelt, LM.; student midwife and doula, Michelle Vess, and her group of apprentice midwives make up the passionate cohort of birth professionals that are 'The Midwives'!
Paula and her team of midwives are passionate about aiding women and families in birthing naturally in their home, on their terms.
Paula's experience is often called upon by midwives in the area as she is looked at as a mentor by many. Recognizing her love for midwifery and teaching, Paula frequently brings on apprentice midwife students to be a part of her birth team. Paula attends every prenatal and postpartum visit, attends every birth and is a fountain of birth resources. 
Paula has been midwife in Napa, Sonoma, Solano and Marin to over 1,200 births including VBAC, etc. 
She feels that it is her calling to be an advocate for women and the normalcy of birth. She truly loves embarking on every birth journey!
In addition to monitoring your medical needs Paula and her team will support you during the challenges, celebrate the joys and help you navigate the emotional and physical changes. We are privileged to live in a time where we have the option to have a home birth or a hospital birth--whatever the mom and her body decides. Fortunately, Paula Schnebelt, LM is experienced in both.

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