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Nursing Bras

Nursing bras are essential for nursing moms, especially during the first year. The fit of your bra is very important, and will probably change over the course of your nursing career. A bra that is too tight may put pressure on your milk ducts causing inflammation or plugged ducts.

During pregnancy your rib cage expands (usually 1-2 whole sizes) to accommodate your growing baby. Your breasts will be at their largest several days after birth, when your milk comes in, and in the days that follow. Much to everyone's amusement, even the smallest breasted women get to be Dolly Parton for a little while! Women that are used to going braless may be surprised at how much support they will need. You’ll also need a bra to hold nursing pads in place for when you spring a little leak.

Your breast size can fluctuate throughout the day, being bigger and fuller in the morning, and lighter before bed. After the birth of your baby, your ribcage will shrink back down, and your cup size is likely to as well when you lose weight and your milk stabilizes. The shrinkage happens gradually over the first year or so, or when you wean your baby. For those nursing in the long-run, your breasts should reach a steady state by the year 1 mark or so.

Shopping may not be the first thing on your mind after your having your baby. Buying 1 or 2 nursing bras toward the end of your pregnancy, that fit your current pregnant rib cage is always a great idea. Once you get the hang of nursing, and your boobs have calmed down a bit, you will probably want to get 2-3 well fitted bras. When you’re nursing, your bras will get dirtier than they used to. You will get milk on them, which will start to stink after a couple days, and

you may find the support so comfortable that you’re wearing them around the clock. You don’t want to fit yourself for a bra right when your milk comes in, it will end up being too big.

After a lot of research and poking around, I’ve found that the majority of nursing mothers are choosing the Leading Lady, Wireless Cotton as their favorite nursing bra.


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