Midwifery Care

What is a Midwife?

The term midwife literally means "with woman". 


At our practice, a midwife is a highly trained and licensed professional who helps you safely deliver your baby in the comfort of your home.


Where Midwifery Meets Modern Medicine

We bring our medical expertise and emotional support to you in your home. We carry all the same birth emergency equipment a birth center has; from oxygen to antihemorrhagic medication to infant resuscitation equipment. We monitor your baby’s heart rate in labor (the best indicator of well-being) as well as the mother’s vitals in order to give you both a safe and comfortable birth. 

Prenatal Visits

At Each Prenatal Visit, We:

  • Listen to the baby's heartbeat

  • Check your blood pressure and pulse

  • Check the baby's growth and position

  • Evaluate diet and exercise

We encourage you to discuss any issue or concerns with us. We are committed to providing you with the support and education you need to ensure a happy and healthy mother and baby. 


We offer prenatal visits:

  • Every 4 weeks until 28 weeks

  • Biweekly from 28 weeks until 36 weeks

  • Weekly from 36 weeks until delivery 

Lab Tests

​We order as appropriate:

  • Complete prenatal profile including hemoglobin

  • Urinalysis/culture

  • Strep-B (GBS) testing

  • Gestational Diabetes  

  • Other lab tests as necessary

  • Ultrasounds

Birth Attendance

  • We arrive at your home once active labor has begun

  • We ensure that you are well hydrated and well nourished 

  • We check dilation as appropriate

  • We document the progress of labor

  • We encourage  position changes to expedite labor and delivery

  • We support and encourage you

  • We monitor your baby's heartbeat to evaluate well-being

  • We check on your vital signs periodically

  • We provide perineal support to minimize and prevent tearing, if desired

  • Once your baby is born, we provide a thorough newborn examination where we check their  heart, lungs, reflexes, as well as measure and weigh your baby

  • We assist with breastfeeding 

Home Birth

Home birth is a safe and empowering choice for women experiencing low-risk, healthy pregnancies. You will be able to give birth in a loving, familiar, and comforting environment surrounded by the people, objects, and smells of home. This allows you to fully relax and trust the birth process, which facilitates a strong healthy labor and birth for mothers and babies. We wish to serve women who exercise their right to choose how to have their babies and who trust their bodies to birth without intervention. Our goal is to aid women in discovering the power and fulfillment of birthing naturally, in the familiar comfort of their homes. Do not worry, we handle the clean up after the birth!

Water birth is a safe and natural way to give birth. Did you know that water has natural analgesic properties that help to ease the intensity of labor? Water birth is a great way to make your birth more comfortable for you and your baby.


Resting in the water eases the discomfort of the birth process and allows your body to relax. The water calms and soothes you as your labor progresses and naturally relieves your pain. Babies are often calmer when they exit the womb because the baby is born from water, into water.


We offer the rental of affordable birth tubs to our clients. They are easy to setup in any room of the house and taken down quickly after the birth.

Water Birth in Your Home

La Bassine® Water Birth Pool and Custom Fit Liner

  • Cocoon like shape to maintain water temperature and provide an intimate space that still gives you plenty of room to move around.

  • Deep, inflated floor to give the extra comfort needed during active birth positions such as kneeling and squatting.​


  • Perfect water depth that fully covers your belly yet is not so deep you feel insecure.

  • ​Two solid internal handles, exactly where you need them! Use to assist in position changes, or to grab on to while you push. Voted best feature by mothers and midwives.

Aqua Doula® Birth Tub and Custom

Fit Liner

  • Elegant design, the Aqua Doula is unprecedented in the water birth community

  • The soft padded floor and sidewalls offer superb comfort and strength for the mother.

  • The deluxe Aqua Doula Heating System features a unique solid-state thermostat, which maintains a constant water temperature with no heat loss, especially during longer labors.

  • The fully grounded heater and temperature controls provide critical electrical protection and safety for mother and baby

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